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Elizabeth Karpowicz

Few books have been written by Dieppe Raid POW's. I have just published my father's book entitled "Hard Tears and Soft Laughter". It is a superbly written work, sensitive and truthful that will appeal to a large audience.

When we were in a French camp awaiting shipment to Germany I saw your father sitting on the ground in a small cage . He looked sad .

My father Saul (sandy) Shusterman organized the Dieppe P.O.W. veterans reunion in 1967 in Toronto. He can be seen on a C.B.C. digital archives TV debate between three German guards from their camp and three P.O.W.s. The guards wanted to come to the reunion and my father was the only one who disagreed. I agree with your protest against this being called a battle. Louis Mountbatten came to our house and apologized to my dad for this disastrous raid meant to test the Germans before the big one that led to Victory.

I finally made it to Dieppe last April to see what my Grandfather had told me about. Amazing - I wish I could have been there with him, but he was with me in spirit. He always had survivor's guilt.....

Great job on the web page.

Retired CF/RCAF Flight Engineer, working at Moncton Flight College-association mentioned to me by GrahamSheppard

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