Dieppe Military Veterans' Association

    Welcome to the Dieppe Military Veterans' Home Page

We are a group of Veterans working together to better our community.  We need as much help as we can get to achieve our goals and objectives. 

Our first order of business is always to promote and support the 3006 Army Cadet Corps of Dieppe N.B. Our second important task is to provide remembrance services for the community of Dieppe and surrounding areas. 

We have three services per year;

Sunday - 16 Aug 2020 75th anniversary of end of WWII and 78th Dieppe Raid Parade 1330                   hrs.  Ceremony at 1400 hrs with reception to follow at Golden Age Club. Guest                       Speaker TBA. Band TBA. 

Sunday - 13 Sept 2020 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain Parade 1330 hrs
                J.Laurie Cormier POW Park and reception at Golden Age Club following
                Parade Guest Speaker TBA. Band TBA

Wednesday - 11 Nov 2020 Remembrance Day Parade 1030 hrs at Mathieu Martin Gym
                       Reception at Golden Age Club Guest Speaker TBA

We also raise funds to provide educational bursaries to the sons, daughters and grandchildren of member veterans. With the help of the City of Dieppe and community we continue to work toward the betterment of society as a whole.

                                                 Honorary Colonel David Lloyd hart on the Dieppe raid